Hello and Welcome to Gliderworks!

I’m Craig Clarkstone and I’m an experienced Product Designer with a passion for aircraft design, GliderWorks is dedicated to my radio controlled glider designs.

It is a sister site to www.JetWorks.online, a dedicated website hosting over 35 scratchbuilt depron parkjet designs.

The glider designs shown on this site are designed for my friend John Woodfield who taught to me to fly when we both lived in the same village in Hampshire, UK. All videos and images are used with permission.

I run GliderWorks.online as a hobby in my spare time, along with Jetworks.online as I have a full time job in yacht design during the daytime.

Gliderworks is all about the love of harnessing the wind, soaring through the sky and the passion and joy of flying.

Thanks for visiting


(Photo below holding John’s Seahawk)